How To Tackle The Idle Employees That Could Ruin The Work Environment

Employees are the most essential part of an organization, the recruiters try hard to get the best employee in their company. As I have observed there are various kinds of people you will find at your workplace. Some will be irritating as hell, some will bore their colleagues to death and some will be fun loving.

Now, as an employer dealing with such people might not be a big task, you can manage to find a way out and make every employee productive irrespective to their behaviour or personality. But I am very sure the most difficult thing to do would be to handle the lazy employees. They are always up with a reason for not coming to work, for their deficient work or for drooling on their desk. However, there is a certain way to handle such employees which I have discussed below. Have a look and find several kinds of lazy employees and how to make them work.


Over Friendly

A friendly approach towards your employees is a good thing but don’t let them over do it. There are employees who get over friendly not only with their bosses but also with their colleagues. These employees are good for nothing as they neglect their work and just wander around to trouble their colleagues. It’s a bad idea to become too friendly with a person who works under you. It leads you to weird situations, it dilutes your authority and make your employees unproductive.

How To Deal: Maintain a professional relation with your employees and always have the upper hand on them. Getting too friendly with your employees will stop you from being as strict as you should be. Make them realize that you are the boss, you have the authority and responsibilities to run the organization successfully. Start training yourself to become great leader. Read articles, speak with people, follow your mentors.



These kind of employees are the one with whom every boss must have dealt with. There might be one or two procrastinators in every organization, having more such characters will ultimately destroy their career and the company as well. So beware, don’t let your employees to delay their work. Such lazy employees finds a way out to escape and postpone their work. Postponing the work puts unnecessary stress on the rest of the team.

How To Deal- Be firm on your decisions and schedule procrastinator’s work strictly. Give deadlines to them and schedule their work on day to day basis. Make your workers understand the severity of their part of work and how it will affect the company if not done on time. Educate them about procrastination. Here are 11 Steps to stop procrastination.



There are times when you have noticed that one of your lazy employee doesn’t turn up for important events like meetings of the office. You can call that person an absentee, they fall sick every week or make their parents or grandparents hospitalized. An absentee will always let you and your organization down and force others to pick his/her slack of work.

How To Deal- These are the hardest employees to deal with as they have mastered the art of lying and giving reasons for their absence. Make them understand what is wrong with them and how their behaviour is making the company to face difficulties. Enforce them consistently and give a strict deadline to complete their work on daily basis. Also, do not waste your time on entertaining such employee. Inform your HR to keep hiring new employees to replace the unproductive team members. Or if you don’t have in-house HR team then you can hire agencies like Aasaanjobs for recruiting new employees.


The Victim

These employees are the laziest people in the office but are not ready to accept it, they are always up with a situation because of which they were unable to complete the work or turn up for the morning meetings. Such employees always have an excuse in every situation for not doing their work. Traffic seems to get worse especially when they are travelling, it rains heavily in the area where they live, trains run late when they have to reach office on time and much more. Hundreds of reasons to give for every situation, dealing with them can make you go crazy.

How To Deal- Keep a record of the time when your employees enters the office to have a proof of their regular late comings. Show them their check in time if it happens over and over again, warn them before taking any strict action.


The Wanderer

These workers are the who who keeps on moving from desk to desk and passes time until it’s time to leave. They don’t work and creates a drama in the office and distract others from work. Even if you or other employees ignores such wanderers they start wandering on the internet. Stalking, daydreaming, eating, smoking or chatting becomes their way on which they keep on rambling. It seems like they have mastered the art of taking office breaks, doesn’t it?

How To Deal- Wanderers are the most tricky people to deal with as they are not breaking any rules but yet disturbing the work environment of the office. Keep them close so that you could watch their every move and you can point out their disturbing behaviour then and there.

Now that you know how to deal with the lazy employees I hope it will help improve your productiion.