Panasonic Rugged Laptops Take Industrial Workplace it to the Next Level

The need for field professionals to work remotely is growing, which is the reason why rugged laptops and tablets are replacing desktops in industrial workplaces. And, why not? The advancements in technology have narrowed the performance gap between desktops and laptops. Loaded with heavy graphics and high configurations, these industrial laptops are bridging the gap between fragile notebook and desktop computers.  But, is it enough to have only high configuration?

Field workforce needs a rugged device – a hardcore piece of hardware that can withstand the toughest terrains. This always on the move workforce from multiple industries needs a laptop or a tablet that offers utmost durability along with the most advanced and relevant features. Field workers need a durable and reliable piece of hardware that perform smoothly even under hard hitting settings as these people tend to drop, kick, bump, or just put their device through extreme conditions.

Few Reasons Why Industrial Workplaces need Rugged Tablets

The personnel can’t be stranded with a broken tablet, being at the risk of losing sensitive data. Ruggedized tablets not only survive drop and shock but also save themselves from water and dirty, hardworking hands. Since, the industrial laptops are durable, the field personnel can take them to the toughest locations with grease, mud, and manure. Equipped with GPS and cellular service, these devices allow workers to stay in touch and complete work orders within a given time frame.

Besides, these industrial laptops can now do everything your Windows laptop or desktop can do. They can run emails, and softwares along with many more applications. With mobile apps, you can control your data entry and feed information consistently. The devices with sunlight readable displays allow greater efficiency and accuracy, even in the field.  These days high-performance barcode scanners are also built into these tablets. This makes data entry and tracking even easier and effortless. Last, but not the least these devices are cost-effective solutions for increasing business productivity.

Panasonic’s rugged devices for next generation outdoor full-HD display

A leading name in new age computing, Panasonic offers industrial laptops – Toughbook– a robust, lightweight, highly mobile, fully- and semi-rugged series to fulfill these needs. Combining ergonomic and durable designs, the Toughbook series has always been the best choice for field workforces from different industries. The series is engineered to meet the highest military standards, which means unpleasant drops, sudden shock or intense vibrations mean nothing to it. All tablets in the series can withstand the worst environmental conditions. And the good news is that the series balances great functionality with durability perfectly. Taking a giant leap in this direction, Panasonic has taken rugged industrial range to a new level with Toughpad FZ-G1 – the latest addition to brand’s Toughpad family.


Image source: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

A dependable tablet for field workers

Lightweight yet robust, this device, Toughpad FZ-G1 is equipped with WINDOWS 8.1 Pro, setting the new benchmark for sunlight viewable tablets at the same time. Ideal for field workforces that have to work in daylight scenarios, this device can be used for viewing high definition images or documentation in the field.

A Powerhouse of Features

Toughpad FZ-G1 tablet captivates users with 10 finger multi-touch display. It has a reinforced design, which means even the most unpleasant bumps won’t cause any damage. With an exceptional battery life of 12 hours, one could spend a day outdoors without worrying about losing power. This benchmarking product is tested against parameters like temperature, shock (120cm drop shock resistant) and dust. The unit doesn’t scrimp on features with Intel Core i5-5300 U vPro Processor, Intel HD 4000 graphics and Next generation IPSG panel. It can withstand pressurized water and heavy dust storm that enable sturdy data protection.

It is still lightweight

Toughpad FZ-G1 is a surprisingly a light tablet (only 1.1kg) even with its ruggedness. It comes with a serial port (port configuration serial, LAN, GPS, micro SD or USB 2.0) helping you to stay connected. A fully configured webcam produces clear and accurate images to have a video conference with clients whenever required. It does have some powerful security features, along with user-exchangeable battery and Barcode Reader.