It’s Personal: How Technology Has Overtaken the Most Personal Aspects of Our Lives

There is likely no one on earth to whom we would willingly divulge all of our most intimate details. Sure, there are those with whom we would share our financial details with, likely a financial advisor. In the same way, we would hold nothing back from a doctor about our health. We tend to spread our secrets around. Different people know different intimate bits about us. But even our spouse doesn’t know everything. At the least, when we want to buy a gift for our partner, they have no idea what it is. There is always something we are holding back from someone.

That is what makes our relationship with technology so interesting. To anthropomorphize it for a moment, our tech, collectively, is the one person we tell everything, without exception. We even share our most embarrassing secrets. Even criminals trust the details of their most heinous deeds.

How did technology insinuate itself into our lives at such a fundamental level? It will be some time before professionals wrap their heads around that one. But here are some of the ways you are trusting your tech with the most important and personal aspects of your life:

Protecting Your Family

We use technology to keep an electronic eye on our babies in their cribs. Baby monitors are extremely high-tech. We have cameras in our home that we can monitor from anywhere in the world, and at any time throughout the work day. We can track the whereabouts of our teens when they are out of sight, which is the majority of the time.

Security monitoring can be done with a few IoT cameras and a smartphone. Or it can be a part of a high-tech, comprehensive security package. But no matter how we do it, we are using technology for one of the most important things we can do as a human being: to look after our families when we can’t.

Managing Our Finances

From banking apps to apps that have access to our banking information, we are entrusting our finances to technology more and more every day. Some people do all of their banking online. Technology has been a boon to personal finances.

There are not only apps that help us do traditional banking, apps exist that do your budgeting for you, replete with spreadsheets. Other apps and services exist to automatically save money for you. Still other apps judge our handling of our finances, and help us make better decisions.

We call it personal finances because financial details are personal and private. No one freely talks about how much they make. The more a person makes, the less likely they are to divulge it. But those details are readily available on smartphones and connected apps. No financial detail is too personal for our tech.

Finding a Date

Philandering has never been easier to discover. That is because all of the details are right there on Facebook, in chat clients, and in the digital diary we are convinced no one else can access.

It is not just illicit activity, we now trust dating sites populated with more bots than humans. Spotting fake profiles is a modern skill necessary for dating these days. Once an exotic idea, it is now commonplace for married couples to have met entirely online.

Connected Health Apps

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our reliance on tech with regard to our health data. There are health data repositories that come standard on major smartphones Powered by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Beyond that, we entrust our health and fitness data to online services. That app that tracks your heartbeat on that Apple Watch has its own internet connected service that may have data-sharing arrangements with other companies of which you are not aware. We sign HIPA forms at the doctor’s office, while sharing out data to the world on the internet.

Security, finance, romance, and health: these are four of the most taboo personal topics there are. And they can all be accessed from the devices we carry every day. It is enough to make one reconsider their lock screen passcode.