Factors to Consider Before Buying a Computer Case

Well, Computer cases are accessories on which people don’t tend to spend much of a thought. Anyone will tell you that a computer case is not what a tech savvy guy will fancy about, it is the hardware within that will capture his interest. Yet, if you are going to undertake assembling your own computer (or maybe you are simply upgrading the old one you have), your first thought should be around the computer case that you are going to choose. This choice will further determine factors like how big your computer will be and what hardware you can stuff in it.

Here are some key factors that you should consider before buying a computer case:

Consider the size– The size of the computer case will decide how big the system will be and the extent to which you can feed the hardware inside. The availability of space in the inner dimension of the case is an important thing to consider. Here is a quick check list that you should run through before deciding on the case: the kind of motherboard formats it will support, the external and internal mound, and if there is enough space for video card and CPU cooler along with room for future update.

Cooling needs should come next– Having a proper cooling system for your computer is absolutely a mandate. While purchasing the case, it will help if you keep in mind what kind of system the case will be a home to. If the machine that you are designing will be put to moderate use, then you can make peace with a case that will accommodate a single exhaust fan but if your machine is going to serve high-end purpose, it is more advisable to go for a case with space for an additional fan.

A computer case that can keep it low– The last thing that you want is a racket arousing of your computer case that transports every small action of your computer to your skull. When it comes to exhaust fans in PC, the small ones make more noise than the bigger ones (since they have to spin faster to produce the same effect). It is probably best to go for a computer case that provides for two large fans instead of several small ones.

One that fits your budget- This one goes without saying! Once you have undertaken to build a machine from the scratch you can hardly manage to overshoot your budget with just the computer case.

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