4 Tips To Shoot A High Quality Music Video With Tight Budget

Planning to shoot a music video with your friends, but don’t think you have the budget to pull off a nice production? If so, then this post is for you. Money is not the only component that determines how well a music video turns out to be. Correct planning and judicious utilization of your resources can easily help you create a top notch music video within a tight budget. Below, we look at four tips that can help you cut the cost of your music video production without having to sacrifice its quality.

Get A Good Camera And Cameraman

Many people think that they need an expensive camera to make the video look good. This is only partially true. With a good quality DSLR available in the market nowadays, you can easily capture a professional music video without making it look cheap. People have even made movies with DSLRs. As such, your music video is at no risk of turning out to be a dud. Now, what is important is that you get the right cameraman to shoot the video. He must be exceptional enough to utilize all the qualities of the camera together with the shooting environment to create a top notch video. So, if you know someone who meets this description, make sure you get him as your cameraman. And if you need help with picking out a good camera for shooting music videos, check out the musiccritic.com website.


Prepare A Storyboard

Make sure that you prepare a storyboard of the entire music video well in advance. By doing so, the only thing left to do will be to capture the video exactly as decided. Without a storyboard, you may not have a clear idea of how to shoot the music video. As such, there is a good chance that you will move from one idea to another every few days and the shooting process will lengthen, costing you more money.


Shoot In Few Locations

A very easy way to cut down shooting expenses is to use very few locations. And if possible, just select a single location that offers many different scenic spots. This allows you to cut down your transportation costs, while also ensuring that you finish the shooting in fewer days.


Back Up

If you forget to take backups of the recorded videos, then you are putting yourself at great risk. And this is one area you should never try to save money on. Just buy the best quality hard drives and make sure that you regularly backup all the videos you shoot. If the primary drive breaks down due to some unfortunate situation, and you never took a backup of the videos, then all the money you spend on shooting the video will literally be wasted.

So, be sure to follow the above instructions, and you will be able to shoot your music video within your decided budget. And remember to maintain good relationships with your team, right from the actors, the cameraman, the lighting people, the drivers, and so on. This will ensure that the shooting goes on smoothly without facing any obstacles. In fact, the team might even be inspired by your kind attitude to put in an extra effort.