How To Deal With Negative Reviews And Improve Your Online Reputation

Research shows that 57 percent of customers will not patronize a business with less than a 4-star rating online. This means that if previous customers gave your business unfavorable feedback, any future transactions will be affected. Negative reviews will also prevent you from impressing your potential clients. If you have already incurred negative feedback online, you can still regain a favorable reputation by following these helpful tips.

Search For Common Complaints

Always remember that all customer feedback can help your online business. That is why you need to look into each review that you will receive on Yelp, Trustpilot, Trip Advisor and Google My Business. Try to see if there are any repeated complaints about your business. As soon as you have already identified what your customers are posting online through Complaint Base Business Reviews or tools, you can figure out how to address them accordingly. For example, if customers are not happy about your slow response during an inquiry, you might need to find a way to reach them as fast as you can. This may require you to get an app like Text Expander to help you reply to many customers in the shortest possible time. You can also reply to Google reviews faster using Google Maps. Because of this, you can easily address the negative feedback, and make the necessary changes faster for the sake of your online reputation.

Assess Whether You Need To Send A Response 

Most of the time, you will be tempted to answer a negative review online to defend your business. However, it does not always give you a positive result. It may result in a bigger problem if you respond impulsively. That is why you need to pause for a moment to analyze the situation. This will allow you to determine if your commenter has a valid complaint, or if it is just another case of online bullying in your business. If the customer’s point is valid, then you must respond quickly. You can apologize if needed, and take responsibility. But if the complaint has no reasonable grounds, you don’t have to give an answer, helping you to avoid an online argument that has no basis.  

Continue With A Follow Up

You need to do a follow up to ensure that your complaining customers will be happy with the way you handle their complaints. Just a simple message from you to check if they are satisfied with your action will do the trick. It will also help to inform them about the changes that you implemented in your online business to address their previous complaints. You may also request that they remove the negative feedback if they are already happy with your actions.

Your potential clients are likely to give your online business another chance if you address all these factors. They will start believing that you are trustworthy, even if they have not tried dealing with your business yet. Just make sure that you address all the concerns from your previous negative reviews to improve your online reputation.