Using Pop Up Shops to Boost Sales

A rising number of retailers are taking advantage of pop up shops and it’s not hard to see why. These temporary outlets can cause a real stir and get consumers talking, boosting firms’ profiles as a result. In a bid to exploit the potential of these retail initiatives, the national enterprise Startup Britain drove the creation of a series of pop-up shops in London last year. Following suit, Popup Moreton has now been launched, the Cotswold Journal reports.Recently, it was opened by George Davies, who is famous for his work at Next, George at ASDA and Per Una. The shop will be open for eight weeks in Old Market Way and for the first fortnight, it is being occupied by Dating Fairy Godmother Lynette Berry, Rosablue’s Penny Menato and Julia Lucas of Objets d’Amour.

Commenting on the idea for the temporary outlet, Alison Humphries of Objets d’Amour said it is a good opportunity for businesses. She remarked: “It gives people a chance to display what they are doing. It gives people exposure and shows the high street is still alive. It’s very good for Moreton.”

Meanwhile, Mr Davies said it is the kind of opportunity he would have snapped up when he was starting out in retail. He stated: “Anything that allows entrepreneurs to try and do something on their own is a fantastic opportunity. I think it will do well.”

To get the best results from their pop up shops, it’s important that firms take advantage of effective retail design strategies.