DSS on website selection for internet advertising

We are happy to share with our readers that a brief interview was conducted on the editor of Tech-Talk. We share the details of the queries shared in the discussion in this article.

Hello Mr Kumar,

I am a graduate student at George Mason University pursuing my masters in Data Analytics Engineering.
For one of our subjects we have to review a DSS paper and my teammate and I have chosen your paper
“A DSS for website selection for internet based advertising and promotions”.
We have a few questions with regard to your paper and are hoping that you can answer them. They are as follows.

1. You have mentioned in your paper that you identified 10 websites; could you share with us the names of the 10 websites?

2. After the advertisements were placed in the chosen websites, how much traffic did you receive from them?

3. Can you share the name of the firm with whom you conducted the case study?
4. On what basis did you decide the success of the DSS?
3. Are there any alternatives to your DSS that can perform better?
I hope that you can find the time to answer our questions. Please let me know, if something is not clear.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and regards,
Karthik Shivkumar
Dear Karthik,
This study was done for Business-Fundas.com

10 websites which were chosen then cannot be disclosed. As a result of the advertising, using banners, business-fundas.com had an increased traffic of 25%. Traffic and SERP rank improvement was considered as the parameter for DSS success. Alternatives to the proposed DSS would be to accommodate subjectivity and incomplete information based models in the DSS, like multi-valued logic like fuzzy set or rough set theory.

Background of Business Fundas and their details can be obtained in this case study: https://hbr.org/product/growing-the-online-portal-of-business-fundas/W14761-PDF-ENG


Warm regards,

Dr. Arpan Kar

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