Account Switching: Instagram’s new update for user’s ease

Well, Christmas comes early for some people. I am referring to the Instagram addicts’.As we all know, Instagram has become top-notch and the darling of all. From celebrities to marketers, I mean, who is not using it? It’s become a thing now that when you get a darling baby, you get to create an account from them at only a few months old. Even two or three months babies are in Instagram. From the latest reports, Instagram recently hit 400 million active users beating some of the giants who have been there since time memorial like Twitter. Instagram is a photo sharing the app that is filled with good times regarding photos and videos. Sometimes as a user, you would require having more than account for one account may not be enough. Some people have got work accounts, family accounts, and many more accounts. Before it was very hectic as to access the different accounts, one had to log out to one account and then log into the other account.

What do the rumors say?

There were so many rumors before on some features that Instagram was working on, but now, you can rest assured that the reports have been confirmed, and Instagram has added another feature that will enable its users to switch to their accounts that are, if you have more than two. This feature is simply amazing but is limited to Android and IOS users only. Now, you do not have to keep logging in and out of your account to operate your other account. It was made easy peezy as now all you have to do is switch your account to what you want to use. Instagram has become more than just an impressive site and is now widely used by marketers who intend to market their products and services.

According to the latest tech news; Instagram had been testing the newest feature with some few IOS users before the feature became fully functional. Reports also show that Instagram also tested the feature on Android late last year. Unlike IOS, which did not require much to use, APK download was required or was necessary to make the feature possible and work. It is the latest technology news that everyone is talking about. In case you have not been updated, life has been made easier for the Instagram lovers.

So what do you need to do to use the feature?

You would think that this kind of feature would require a lot of complicated stuff to make it work, but that could not be further from the truth. To use this feature, all you need to do is head to your profile settings and just tap on the profiles tab whereby you will get the option of adding an existing account. There you just tap your user-name to switch between the various accounts you may have.

This feature is exactly what Instagram users needed. The fact is that it was hectic to keep on switching between accounts as it used to take time logging out from one account and logging into another. It made it boring and sometimes you would end up using one account most frequently since you preferred avoiding the hectic process ahead. It comes in handy for many people especially the celebrities and the Instagram addicts. These people most times have many different accounts as now Instagram allows you to have up to five accounts. Sometimes, it is necessary to have these accounts as you may not want to mix up things. A work account could probably hold work related stuff that you may not wish to post to another account, as they photos or videos could be irrelevant to them. Same way, you may not want to post photos that you consider inappropriate to the work account. If you own business, it would be wise to market your products or services on Instagram. It will require you to create a new account that would require you to post photos and videos of the various products you may be offering. You cannot post a casual picture of yourself having fun in such an account as that would be deemed unprofessional and would most probably end up confusing people. To use this feature in your Instagram, you need to download version 7.15 of the application to use on Android and IOS. This feature slowly started appearing on some profiles of people using IOS, but Instagram announced that the feature will now be available to all people using the version7.15 while using Android and IOS as that is where the feature.


The feature had to be developed as now, Instagram is being used by so many different people for various reasons. Now, there are accounts dedicated to marketing, accounts devoted to work, accounts dedicated to family, accounts assigned for charity purposes and so many things. The development of the feature was just inevitable, and it was only a matter of time before it was done. It was one of the most requested features on Instagram, and they felt that it was time to do it and testing it on two different platforms, that is Android and IOS. Now you can have more than one account and even get to choose the audience that you may want to view your photos and videos. Now, there are no more reasons not to have multiple accounts.

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