Don’t let your child step into a plane without this essential item

What’s more important than cash and clothes when your child leaves the country? It’s student travel insurance – don’t let your child leave home without it.

Ever since your child was born, gratifying his every wish became your life’s mission. You gave him everything: the toys he wanted, fulfilled his dream to visit Disneyland, bought him the PlayStation he pestered you for…and now you got him admission to the foreign university he wants to study in. His bags are being packed as you read this, his admission procedures are complete and now you await the bittersweet moment of parting.

But in your desire to continually provide everything that your child wants, have you covered every eventuality? Sure, you transferred a lot of money to your child’s account so that he never runs short of cash. You bought him three suitcases of new clothes and accessories. You will send his books, shoes and other essentials a week after he leaves. Everything is accounted for…but think again. Have you missed something important?

Did you buy your child a good student travel insurance plan?

Why take student insurance?

A student travel insurance plan is an instrument to help keep your child safe from natural or man-made harm right from the time he leaves home for distant shores. You need not worry about your child falling ill, requiring doctor’s treatment or even hospitalisation if you get him a good student travel insurance plan to see him through these eventualities.

The student travel insurance plan:

  • Pays for medical treatment and hospitalisation on foreign soil.
  • Covers costs of at least one item misplaced or damaged by the airlines.
  • Covers at least 50% cost of replacing the items in bags misplaced by airlines.
  • Covers at least 50% cost of replacing items stolen on foreign soil, or the costs of duplicating travel documents such as passport.
  • Pays for diagnostic tests for critical illness, maternity and all doctors requested tests except for those pertaining to substance abuse, injuries arising out of arson or suicide, etc.

What happens without student insurance?

You can be reasonably confident that you have the financial wherewithal to deal with any emergencies your child may face on foreign soil. But realistically speaking, is it always possible for you to be up all day and night waiting for a distress call from your child? Will you be able to travel to him at a moment’s notice, or wire money across if he needs it in a hurry? More to the point, will you be able to rest easy at any moment if you keep anticipating that some harm will befall your child?

Do not put yourself through this much pressure: both you and your child can rest assured with student travel insurance.