Facebook trolled for Privacy

Facebook users have suddenly started showing a lot of concern surrounding privacy. Many have started posting apparently legal looking status messages in the social media platform. Interestingly, a lot of users have taken them seriously. To address those ideas and thoughts, some nice trolling has also happened, some of which we are sharing here, just for laughs:

  1. On 29th June 2016, at 11:59pm sharp, Facebook will scan the accounts of all the people who want their privacy in Facebook and will limit their access to Facebook to 15 minutes every day. However, if you want your privacy to be maintained and yet want to use Facebook for more than 15 minutes every day, you must shave your head and paint the logo of FB on your forehead. Subsequently you must change your display pic to your new avataar and blame Namo for not implementing the privacy act in India despite having so much focus on Digital India. Like this post & share it publicly else you will have bad luck throughout your life and you won’t have Messi to share your grief with!
  2. Tonight at 3:43 am, Facebook’s Aeroplane will be flying over India to see whether everyone has copied and pasted their security concern. You must stand on the rooftop in a chaddi and wave polka dotted pink flag at the plane and do bhangra. After doing this your Facebook will be safe and it won’t be open to public. If you dont share this, Mark Zuckerberg will come to slap you himself. Like this post & Share with 10 people within 10 seconds else your Facebook account will be suspended and you will have bad luck your entire life!
  3. I HEREBY GIVE PERMISSION to the Police, the FBI, SWATand even the CIA, RAW, ISI, MCI, the Swiss Guards, James Bond, Chuck Norris, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Avengers, The Men in Black, X-Men, Shaktiman,Chacha Chowdhary, Sabu, Uncle Scrooge, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Super man,Spiderman, The Justice League, Santa Claus, Voltron, Transformers,The Terminator, Hulk, KRISSH (1,2,3,4) Blade, the WWE, whole Matrix team, BATMAN, Thunder Cat, AND Even Facebook n WhatsApp n Snapchat n Instagram n Flipgram n Viber to view all the amazing and interesting things that I publish on Facebook, cheers..!!