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Why we didn’t win a noble prize #funny #truestory

Ever wondered why we didn’t win a nobel prize. I am sure most of you will agree to this funny cartoon which was found on the Internet. However it is really funny on a different angle that we had to find it on the Internet. Enjoy and share if you had the laugh out of it. Continue reading “Why we didn’t win a noble prize #funny #truestory”

Facebook trolled for Privacy

Facebook users have suddenly started showing a lot of concern surrounding privacy. Many have started posting apparently legal looking status messages in the social media platform. Interestingly, a lot of users have taken them seriously. To address those ideas and thoughts, some nice trolling has also happened, some of which we are sharing here, just for laughs: Continue reading “Facebook trolled for Privacy”

Indians who never followed football are sad due to Messi’s retirement

Messi, the argentine wizard, announced his retirement, after Chile beat Argentina in the finals. Funny to know that his fans in India, who never follow football or have seen him play in a complete match are also heartbroken by this news. Doctors have called this the Acquired Messi Depression (AMT) Athlete Syndrome. Continue reading “Indians who never followed football are sad due to Messi’s retirement”

Sr. Mattress Tester at Urban Ladder

Job description: Urban Ladder is a tight-knit start-up at the forefront of driving furniture e-commerce in India. We’re looking for lazy and unmotivated individuals to join our team. If you’re someone who hates getting out of bed to get to work, this is the perfect job for you. As a mattress tester, you’ll get to stay in bed pretty much the entire day and actually get paid for it. We’re not kidding. Continue reading “Sr. Mattress Tester at Urban Ladder”