Why you should build a startup and inspire the world

Let us start with a little statistic-speak, shall we? The percentage of unemployed youth in the United States alone is 10% of the population. While 10% might seem small to you, calculate that against the population of the entire country. It gets a little scary. Let us go a bit further and imagine that you are safe and comfortable in employment. Now, according to Inc.com, as of September 2015, there were 27 million adults were entrepreneurs. That is about 14% of the population, and growing every year. So that means that there are 27 million unique startup ideas out there, working perfectly well. One more statistic, 51% of those in employment believe that there are great opportunities in business.

That is just a bit of math to get your mind going about why you ought to start your own business. There are as many amazing company startups ideas as there are grains of sand on the earth. This is because of the makeup of society, and more specifically, human beings. Our needs are constant. This means that there will always be a market for businesses serving these needs. Our wants are dynamic and ever growing, not diminishing. This means that there are many niches that one can start their company in, serving a particular want. Even better, serving a number of wants at once.


Considering that the world is ever changing and trying to be as small as possible, in terms if connections, you may want to consider the following ideas. The first is establishing an online startup business. The hype on these may seem overrated but believe us, it’s not. Online startups have exploded, all over the world. We mean exploded in the best possible way. These online businesses have become sources of employment for millions of people, transacting billions of U.S dollars every year. Would not it be nice to have a huge percentage of those billions? You can, quite easily. For example, if you have a knack for writing, you can start your own custom writing service. It is not so hard when you have an eye and mind for great writing, a dedicated team of writers and a steady internet connection. Who knows, yours could be the best online startup business known to man so far!

If you are not particularly keen on writing, there are so many other awesome ideas that you can implement as your own. Perhaps yours could be a tangible product. Let us say shoes. You could take the conventional way and start a brick and mortar shop. That is not bad. However, while you are being an entrepreneur, why not make it interesting and run an online shop? Your product could be in both the physical shop and the online one. Transactions can be done online, with the latest automated systems helping you keep inventory. Interesting how almost everything can be done online, yes?

Okay so maybe we have sold you on the online aspect of creating a startup. However, there are finer details that go into deciding what your product is, who your client is, what gap you are filling, how to get to your client and how to make sure they buy your product or service. It is not half as scary as that statement, though. This tedious process requires a lot of dedication and planning, but a fulfilling one.

You can start by first jotting down a list of what your interests are. It is always best to invest in something you are interested in. Then, you can embark on finding out which of your interests are needs in your local area. We say local area because usually, that is the closest market that you can exploit and lead a successful venture in. This step is especially important because it separates just an idea from one that has the potential to become your own little money mint. On the other hand, if you are a social entrepreneur, an idea that will actually make a positive impact in the field you choose.

Once you have done your preliminary research, it is time to share your ideas and potential designs so as to get a reaction from the people who might become your market. This stage is important because it gives you feedback on your ideas. Contrary to what most people believe, an idea shared is not an idea lost. It helps you understand the mind of the buyer and customize your designs to suit their desires perfectly. After all, you are trying to please the buyer as much as possible. Moreover, by sharing your ideas, you are likely to attract people who would like to invest in your projects. You will find that the exercise of sharing out a bit about your product will be beneficial to your journey as an entrepreneur.

Now, by the time you have done all the above, you will be about ready to start. You will definitely be rearing to go. However, take a bit more time before you begin. Set your goals and draw out a map of what you would like to achieve by beginning this startup. Read up about other businesses and try to understand what they did to achieve their success. Moreover, establish what is ethical and permissible to you and your business. Outline, for your own reference, what lines cannot be crossed. This will help you in knowing what to say no to, as there will be many such issues as you grow.

Finally, remember that you are not creating your business for yourself alone. Your business will ripple out and touch other people. In one case, it will fill a gap in the market. In another, it will serve as a lesson to another person looking to start a business too. In another still, it will change someone’s life by giving him or her a job. A source of income that may change their life for good. Therefore, when you take a step towards your dreams, you are ensuring that many other people reach their dreams too. You are also ensuring, through your success, that an entire economy continues to grow. With great business practices employed to your startup, you can save the world.