Modern Marketing Advantages May Be In Their Golden Age

A New Frontier Like The Old West

In the “Old West” as romanticized in film and literature, cowboys roamed the streets picking gunfights with one another while sensually crazed frontier women watched from slatted windows fanning themselves with finery shipped in from the almost mythical Chinese lands to the far east.

The reality wasn’t quite so romantic, but that which has facilitated the fictional stereotype which is today a sort of secondary-world setting for modern entertainment is based in fact. The fact is, there was a time when the American West didn’t have near the regulation it does today. Nor did this time come with the luxuries of modernity.

Today, you can visit Wyoming, or Texas, or Nevada, or Montana with ease. There are highways, trains, telephones, televisions, the internet, theaters, steakhouses, bars which don’t feature a gunfight on the hour, politicians, policemen, law, and order. People live in modern homes often with a deck porch and modern amenities. The only real difference between what once was the “Old West” and the rest of the country is a slight delay in trends.

Generally, the Old West is slightly behind the times, rather than contemporary with them; but the lack of regulations and all those strange freedoms which came with that bureaucratic void represent a historical period not likely to be seen again for a while. The ocean of modernity has crashed in to cover that period of history, and the waves have slowly rolled away, leaving the lands bereft of romance.

The internet today, however, bears some similarity to this ancient land of yore and yon; and that specifically in the arena of digital marketing; just do a Google search for “digital marketing wild west” and see how many links pop up.

Right now, marketing efforts have come to what some feel is a zenith. Established means of content-creation and propagation have been statistically categorized such that the most effective methods can be used without unnecessary regulation.


The SEO Angle

One of the most effective statistical strategies for promoting visibility and business growth is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique that utilizes the creation of content to drive exposure such that products or services employing this method end up being more visible than those which don’t.

The Old West may be behind the times, and slowly catching onto this thing called “the internet”, but most the rest of the world isn’t. Still, there are probably ten to twenty years of relative freedom yet available to savvy marketeers looking for low-regulation cost-effective marketing efforts. As time goes by, this freedom is going to be curtailed. It’s already being stilted by search engine algorithms.

It makes sense: it’s in a search engine’s best interest to ensure contrived content doesn’t appear first when a search is conducted. Users are looking for useful information, not spun articles written by some formulaic robot.

That’s another reason modern marketing endeavors utilizing SEO are at a sweet spot: content isn’t being restricted by any bureaucratic Chinese-style authority; yet spun articles have been mathematically weeded out by search engine algorithms.

This means affordable, useful, effective content is regularly being produced by a bevy of trustworthy agencies, and it’s having a positive effect for multiple diverse clients.


Contemporarily Ideal Marketing Solutions

According to, a Boston SEO facilitator, “First page domination increases your trust, visibility, and leads.” Companies like Youth Noise make it possible for exceptional exposure at substantially minimized expense. Following strategies like this quantifiably increases ROI, or Return On Investment.

Another golden-age aspect of modern SEO is continual accurate statistics. As more people realize the advantages of this effective marketing tool, they will naturally start using it more often. In forty or fifty years, it’s likely an entirely new echelon of online marketing will create hitherto unconsidered content solutions. But right now, SEO production and effectivity are at what feels like a peak.