Customer Service Is Key

Today, more than ever before, the customer has high expectations of the places where they spend their money. Whether it is a clothing company, cleaning service or legal advice, people expect to be treated respectfully and to get answers. If customers or clients are not happy, they post negative testimonials online that can have a detrimental effect on a business very quickly.  The best way for a small or medium-sized company to give first-class customer service is with call center services.

Customer Service

When they have an issue with a product or service, most people do not like to be put on hold, speak to a robot or be sent to voice mail. With full-time professionals handling customer’s questions, your business is covered without the overhead. Your call center will enter orders and track them, handle returns and exchanges, answer and respond to emails, monitor quality, give you a detailed report of their actions and much more.



Call centers operate 24/7, so they can receive international calls and help customers in their own time zone. Businesses that cannot be reached at any time are at risk of losing loyal customers that will find the product or service from a company that is always available. People want their needs to be addressed at any time. It may seem unreasonable, but, if you do not do it, someone else will.



If you must handle all of your customer’s calls in-house, you need to staff, train and micro manage scheduling in order for it to work. This is a full-time job, and your expertise is needed elsewhere in the company. A call center will take care of all of that. They hire professionals who learn about your business and how to answer questions. Services include virtual assistants who learn your business, sell your products, up size orders, and correct AVS issues, handle returns and answer questions. These are all things you would need to staff and schedule.


Live Chat

Offering a live chat to customers is one of the most important things you can do for your business. However, without the services of a call center, you need to have an employee waiting around for someone to come online. Many people look for businesses that offer a live chat because they do not want to wait for an email or phone call to get answers. The professionals who monitor your online chat take the time to learn about your business and give appropriate and valuable help to customers. Studies show that customers who use a live chat regularly rate their experience as good or excellent. They are three times more likely to make a purchase and are twice as likely to return to your website the same day.

For a fraction of what it would cost you to employ and train people who handle customer service and other administrative aspects of your business, you can acquire the professional services of a call center and watch your profits increase.