Success of IoT in Smart Cities of India: An empirical analysis

With rapid progress of wireless technology, the daily life of the citizens has undergone drastic change. They are using sophisticated devices based on latest technology for their daily usage at homes. This lucrative facility is available especially to the citizens of modern cities of the world. India is also not lagging. Government of India has announced for creation of 100 Smart Cities where the citizens are expected to use Information and Communication Technology with the help of internet. More use of internet by the citizens would enhance more internet penetration and here Internet of Things (IoT) plays a crucial role.

However, tapping into the IoT is mere a part of the story. It is necessary to combine IoT with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in ‘Smart Machines’ to simulate intelligent behavior to arrive at an accurate and reliable decision without human intervention. Now combining AI and IoT information systems has become an essential precondition for achieving information system success. For information system success, it is essential to identify the factors affecting it. The purpose of this study is to identify those factors affecting successful implementation of information system enabling IoT coupled with Artificial Intelligence in the proposed Smart Cities of India (SCI).

Article in press: Government Information Quarterly


  • Government;
  • Information system success;
  • Internet of things (IoT);
  • Smart cities of India (SCI)

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