Keeping Google Happy – SEO tips for your website

Without visitors coming to your site, it’s difficult to make conversions and sell your services so it’s important to ensure your website abides to Google’s algorithm requirements in order to get eyes on your products. While most website builders are aware that “Content is King” too many people still tend to put any old content on their website or even take content from other websites, which in fact works negatively against the website in question. When putting content together, consider the following advice to keep your website ahead of the curve and relevant to search engines; Be Informative, Be a Thought Leader
Writing any old content may take less time but won’t hold any value to your visitors and therefore holds less value to search engines. Your content needs to be answering questions that your visitors might have about your service, products or the industry in question. From here, other content that you link to or display on your site should answer any further questions your visitors might have.

For example, a painting and decorating company could include blog posts on “Painting on Different Surfaces” which links to further blog posts on “Painting Around Fixings and Fittings” and “Protecting the Floor When Painting”. This keeps visitors engaged on your site which increases the chance of them becoming a customer or returning to the website.
Keywords Should Be Natural
Keywords are an important part of ensuring customers looking for what you offer, get to your website. There are plenty of tools to find out what keywords work well for your service or products so finding relevant keywords to use isn’t too difficult. However, using keywords the correct way is often overlooked, with keywords being noticeably stuffed into articles or across the onsite content. Keywords should be entered naturally across your website, so they fit into sentences rather than interrupting passages and distracting the reader from the informative content you have worked hard on. Keywords can be used in headings on pages to ensure they are seen as important for search engines and should be used across all meta information naturally. Check this site out for a good example of natural keyword use for a localised service. Localised keyword targeting is harder to fit naturally but sees a better engagement rate from targeted locations.
Stay Relevant
Not only does content need to offer value to your visitors but it needs to stay up to date and new content should be uploaded regularly. This can be one of the hardest parts of staying SEO friendly as you either need to spend a lot of time creating quality content yourself which is resource intensive, taking time away from other areas of growth and development. Or invest in content writers or resources that can develop content which can be costly depending on the level of investment. Of course, there are comprehensive levels of investment that can manage your website and cover digital marketing services as a whole, giving you more time to focus on sales.
Tone of Voice
When developing content for your website, don’t forget to establish a tone of voice and confirm this with any content creators you employ. The same tone of voice across the website is necessary for keeping visitors engaged and stops the content feeling unnatural. Natural content that flows is also good for voice search which is becoming more widespread as the technology improve
In Summary
While business owners and website builders should remember that content is still very important for bringing visitors to your site, if content is uninformative, unnaturally flowing or unrelated to your services, products or industry – it will have a negative effect on your value to search engines and you will appear lower in search results. If resources are tight, consider if you have more time or money available and invest one or the other into improving and adding regularly content to improve your presence on the web.