The Benefits of Employee Mentoring

Mentoring software is a new trend that many businesses are choosing to adopt thanks to the numerous benefits it can offer, both in terms of business profitability and employee welfare. Here, we take a look at exactly what these benefits are, so that you can decide whether or not your business should invest in it.

Working Environment

An employee mentorship programme helps to create a culture of learning in the workplace. A lot of employers simply want their employees to turn up at the start of the day, quietly meet the responsibilities of their role, then go home and repeat the same again the next day. This doesn’t help them to nurture any passion for their job, loyalty for the company, or interest in staying long-term.

Encouraging employees to have an interest in constantly improving their knowledge, by asking for help and learning from other employees, means that they will feel more invested in their role and in their potential future with the company. This, in turn, also boosts their productivity levels as it is proven that employees are happier when they know that they are valued by their employer.

Business Benefits

In terms of direct benefits for the business, mentorship helps to cut costs, as formal training will no longer be required thanks to making the most of the knowledge and experience of the existing workforce. It also eases the workload of the HR department as employees will be able to rely on each other for help and guidance more.

Having happier, better supported staff ensures that they will stay for longer, and that your overall staff turnover will be reduced. This also helps to cut costs and workloads. Having a mentor readily available when you’re unsure, helps you to minimise the number of mistakes you make, which benefits the company as they will then have fewer fires to put out.

Employee Wellbeing

One of the most obvious benefits of having a peer to peer learning platform is its impact on staff welfare. Integrating a system like this will show that you are invested in employees’ progression and futures in your company, which will lead to them wanting to invest more into you in return. Mentorship also helps employees to grow their confidence and take bigger strides in their role.

Knowing that there is a mentor available to you at all times, helps to lower your stress levels; better enabling you to fulfil your role effectively. There is nothing less productive than a workplace that pounces on mistakes rather than nurturing progression in its employees.

Employee mentoring is a fantastic idea for any business and comes at a low cost considering the fact it utilises existing staff members. It helps to create a more supportive working environment that encourages and values learning and progression. It helps to nurture loyalty as a result of reducing the stress felt by employees and allows them to create their own future in the company.

And finally, it helps to cut down on training costs thanks to reducing the staff turnover and making the most of the knowledge that existing employees have instead. is the place to go if you’re a business owner looking for more advice, with its helpful articles such as how to take your business online, so check it out.