Three Tools for On-the-Go Entrepreneurs

In today’s world, the entrepreneur is faced with multiple tools to help them work more efficiently than ever before. Whether developing their own startup company or working on a side hustle, enterprising folks need to look to technology and other startups to help them work in ways that are leaner, more flexible and internet-based. Streamlining costs and making operations scalable are increasingly becoming more important. Here are three tools to help you take your business into the future.

Wireless Storage

Given increased reliance on smartphones and other mobile devices, you need storage solutions that are also wireless. Wireless flash drives provide portable storage solutions to keep up with on-the-go operations. These drives can connect to multiple portable devices that may not even be in the same room. The flexibility of multiple users transferring and streaming data to the same flash drive facilitates sharing important files. You can share business documents to a team without the use of cables or a wired network infrastructure that requires installation behind walls or in floors and ceilings.

Virtual Phone Number

For the entrepreneur who juggles multiple businesses, a virtual phone number can be a real benefit. If you have multiple business lines, you may not be able to afford or want to deal with the hassle of having multiple phones to keep up with. A virtual phone number is more than just alternate contact info. You can share this number with several other phones, providing a business line that can be answered by multiple colleagues at a fraction of the cost. It can help you stay organized because callers would only see this new number, and you would see whether a call was personal or business-related. Sign up for a free virtual phone number today.

Laser Keyboards

Schlepping a laptop computer can be unwieldy or inconvenient. Laser keyboards are compact devices that project a typical keyboard layout onto any flat surface. They can detect typing movements and translate them into keystrokes on a device connected by Bluetooth. Take this virtual keyboard wherever you go without dealing with cables or a bulky computer.

Changes in the way business is being conducted and generated requires rethinking office spaces and infrastructure. For highly mobile entrepreneurs, you need tools that harness technology, wireless Internet and portability to meet the demands of business. You should leverage these tools to improve efficiency, adaptability and scalability of your business. They help you to streamline costs and respond quickly to your company’s needs.