5 Tools and Software for Online Business Success

Assuming that your business will grow just because it’s rooted in the digital world is a huge mistake that could cost you many growth opportunities. Although building a digital company does come with many perks, there are too many competing businesses out there, and many picky customers prepared to swap your brand for another one in a heartbeat if they find your website too slow, or your customer service agents rude. Enter: digital tools and tech that can be truly helpful on your way to greater digital growth and success.

While new software solutions and apps show up almost every day, some have turned out to be more effective than others, and some are considered pivotal for those who would like to run their businesses more efficiently. Here are some of the most beloved tech must-haves for your online company that can skyrocket your brand’s visibility, as well as transform your everyday operations.

Project management platforms

Even if you’re a single freelancer working with one or two clients at a time, there’s no telling when and how many different tasks you’ll need to handle at any given moment. Imagine the scope of work a bigger organization should tackle, working with multiple clients at all times. That is why PM tools such as Basecamp make all the difference for digital businesses everywhere.

They are designed to simplify collaboration among complex teams, they come with different integrations so that you can seamlessly do business, and it’s easy to take control of your deadlines, deliverables, and schedule no matter how many participants there are. You can manage your to-do lists, get notified whenever someone makes a change, and communicate through the comment feature with ease.

SEO tools to the rescue

You already know how vital it is for any online business to be found on the first page of Google and other search engines – because who would go beyond that first page when the most reputable companies are always there, one click away?

To take control of their digital presence opt for low-maintenance, easy-to-use toolbox of SEO solutions. It analyzes your web presence to spot SEO gaps, keeps an eye on your keyword ranking, and gives you suggestions on how to tackle those most essential SEO tasks for your business. If you’re wondering how to find hidden pages on a website or a broken link somewhere on your pages, it will let you know and help you fix it. It truly takes the guesswork out of the equation and helps you cherry-pick the finest SEO options for your business.

Communication made simple

For companies that need to scale their presence, work with clients and employees scattered over the world, and make sure they can stay in touch with everyone relevant for their operations, chat tools and video-conferencing software solutions the likes of Skype are must-haves for everyday work and productivity. Options such as screen-sharing, sending files, text messaging, and free video calls are all considered essential for digital companies today.

Such tools are user-friendly, often come in a free tier, and you can have as many users as you please join in certain groups to stay in the loop on a particular project. Additionally, most of these tools work well on phones, as well, so you can work and stay in touch with your teams while on the go. You can even host workshops and seminars with these tools, which can effectively enhance your day-to-day business operations and improve your team bonds in no time.

CRM for better bonds

Has your customer list exploded recently? How about your partners and investors, or influencers perhaps? As any growing business can attest to, growth can be very difficult to manage without the right tools at your disposal. That is why the use of CRM tools such as EngageBay CRM, Insightly is so encouraged for businesses of all sorts and sizes. They are designed to help you manage your leads with ease, monitor necessary follow-ups, keep track of website visits, and create customized reports.

Some of these tools also come with the ability to automate your emails, and manage your relationships across the board with much greater ease. As your company grows, you’ll have the ability to use more robust solutions, as well, although many of the free varieties come with numerous integrations and features that are easy to use and customize.

File sharing on the cloud

How about creating a virtual office space for all of your employees to visit when they need access to certain files? Instead of sifting through physical documents, you can create an eco-friendly alternative the likes of Google Drive where you can store and share documents, manage access for different teams, and have everything at your disposal in a matter of a few clicks.

Another perk of such a digital storage unit is that you can hire people from all over the world, since you can grant them access to your business documents, communicate with them via those video-conferencing tools, and increase the security of your data management.

Although digital businesses base their success on your human teams and equally human customers, these tech tools and solutions have become essential for digital success. Use them to grow your business, and let them free up your time to devote yourself to more pressing business matters every day.