Instagram Can Grow Organically Through Proficient SEO Usage

If you think Google is the only place for you to get some advice and information then think again. More or less, Instagram is taking that place as well. Just like with Google, people are more attracted to the IG search bar, to find people or any information.

One added value with Instagram is that you can actually optimize the Instagram account according to your will. Right now, Instagram SEO is a one stop solution for so many people and businesses alike. With the help of some easy to find tricks, people will get to find more about your IG account. It is one easy way to grow followers for Instagram and gain a good business value as asked for.

Try out ways to optimize Instagram username:

Most people are not aware of this fact that Instagram username is now searchable. The username will mostly act as major keyword. The people who will have the designation in their username will be the one to get more value while people are searching for such help.

  • For example, you are looking for fashion designers on Instagram. If the username has the word “fashion” or “designer” in it, then those names will come up on the search.
  • If you want, you can further get to add your industry, specialty, location or even passion in username. Make sure to just think about people who might type on IG if they actually want to find any account like yours.
  • If you actually fail to change the username of your existing IG account, then there are other steps to it. There are instances when you might grow brand around the first and last name. On the other hand, the IG username is the perfect name of the business.  

Try to optimize the IG name:

SEO Search engine optimization concept with Flat design and a lot of icons behind.

The IG name is also noted to be properly searchable on IG. Each word in name will mostly act as major keyword. The IG name is mostly the words which are bold in IG bio.

  • To make your name have a heft to it, try to use some major keywords, which are mostly relating to brand or business in the IG name.
  • You can further try to write something, which proves to be perfect for your audience. They will search your account using those keywords as their main search option.

Time to optimize photos:

IG is a noted visual platform. So, the growth will always come from the set of photos and videos you have placed there. People find it easier to check out the pictures to know more about you or the brand you are representing.

  • Try to keep photos clean and within good quality.
  • But, you can even add your level of creativity to it as you want.
  • Just make the main subject easy to find on the majority of your photos.

These simple steps are all that you need if you want to turn your Instagram into SEO based platform. People may not forget Google that easily but will love to use Instagram in the same manner possible.

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.