Statistics and Techniques to Know To Integrate Email and Instagram Marketing

If you want to survive the high level of competition in this digitized business world then you will need to know and implement all the latest techniques and follow the latest trends followed in business marketing. One thing is for sure that you should not overlook the traditional forms of marketing, such as email marketing.

Most people think that email marketing is over and done with. However, on the contrary, it has simply got better and more effective with people integrating it with Instagram, the most popular visual platform in social media networks.

  • In fact, integrating the two has resulted in a significant change in social media marketing in 2019 and it is expected to stay in the years to follow.
  • Social media has grown over the years to become one of the most crucial elements in digital marketing and communications strategies.

The stats and trends highlight the importance and influence of social media in marketing in 2019 and experts such as Gramista believe that it is going to stay in the following years. It is primarily for this reason and also to make the most out of the social media followers that the businesses are now more focused on using both social media, especially Instagram and email marketing in their marketing campaigns.

Here are a few updated stats and trends that you should follow in 2019 in order to highlight social media best practices to influence email marketing this year and beyond.

Get measurable results

When you incorporate Instagram and email marketing, you will be able to gain measurable results and achieve the goals of your business. The results you will achieve include:

  • The sales made
  • The leads generated and
  • Branding.

All these will influence and add to your ROI thereby enabling you to reach a much larger audience at a very low cost. However, you must be up to date with the latest trends followed in social media marketing which typically is a dynamic field and is changing constantly.

According to reports of, We Are Social:

  • There are about 3.48 billion social media users all over the world in 2019 and
  • The number is steadily rising by 288 million at a rate of 9% every year.

With this steady change, there is a need to know about the stats and trends in email marketing and social media marketing which ideally has a global penetration rate of nearly 45%, according to the research reports of Statista.

This means that nearly half of the population of the world is now on social media and these trends and stats will provide you with the required ammunition to improve your email marketing.

The trends to follow

These are the specific trends you want to follow in order to make the most out of your Instagram and email marketing integration. These are:

  • According to the research reports, 95% of the online adults of the age group 18 to 34 are more likely to follow a brand through their social media networking. You must think about this specific section of your audience and provide them with what they need exactly. This will raise the chances of them following your brand.
  • According to the survey report of Ambassador, 71% of consumers are more likely to refer a brand to their friends and family if only they have a better social media service experience. Therefore, you should use social media channels as an effective tool providing exceptional customer service, and there is no better tool than Instagram to ensure better brand engagement and win new followers.
  • Smart Insights have come up with a figure from research that 63% of the consumers expect to receive customer service from their brands through their social media channels. It also shows that more than 90% of social media users use this platform for communication with a business or a brand. Therefore, do not ignore the power of social media channels for providing the best customer service.
  • It is also found that 80% of the business brands online think that they provide extraordinary social media customer service. On the other hand, there are only 8% of customers who agree with them! Therefore, make sure that you not only believe but make customer care right.
  • You must also optimize your mobile media campaigns given the fact that most of the people use a mobile phone to surf channels on the internet. People spend about 69% of their media time on an average on smartphones, according to ComScore research. There is no better way that Instagram to do so and therefore integrating it with your email marketing is your best and most productive option. This will be a comparatively cheaper option that will provide easy access to these users. Make sure that you test different versions in order to see what works the best for your business purpose.  
  • BrandWatch has found that 96% of the users discuss a brand online and do not follow those profiles that are owned by the brands. That means you will need to go beyond your own channels and use all other channels apart from Instagram. You must monitor all of the unbranded conversations. This will help you to gain more valuable insights and enable you to manage the health of your brand in a much better way. According to Radium One, more than 84% of content sharing happens outside of the social networks using channels such as instant messenger, email and SMS.
  • You must also focus more on visual content which is 40 times more likely to get shared on different social media channels other than any types of content as per HubSpot report which is also corroborated by Flying Point Digital.

All these facts and figures point out at the need of integrating social media channels in the marketing practices of any business today. This will keep the business ahead and will also ensure that the messages reach the right person at the right time making email marketing strategy a success.

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball. 


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