The Top 3 Business Benefits of Managed Services

What are managed IT services?

When producing a service the production is only half of the battle. To create the product, to begin with, you need a good structure for project management. The bigger your project is, the more demanding the structure of it actually is.

To be considering managed services you likely have a strong need for focused and well-planned services. Perhaps you want to skip the hit-and-miss aspect of the initial steps towards creating a custom product. Or you want to save time and resources from going in the wrong direction.

As a part of a software development outsourcing company I personally have observed some of the biggest benefits of managed services.

The major advantages of managed services

Flexibility and reliability

The It industry is packed with companies developing products, so to be able to come on top yours needs to be able to match the end-clients’ needs. Even if that means taking it to a slightly different direction.

The development process needs to be set on the goal but flexible on the execution. Aside from that being able to rely on the quality of the end product despite the twists and turns throughout the process.

Time efficiency

Hiring managed services that are experienced in the field to manage the process ensures maximum efficiency of the time that is spent in the development process. This helps the product owner to have much better predictability what to expect to be delivered at the specified milestone time frames.


With managed services the biggest benefit is Expertise. You work with people who have taken a product from concept to a launched product multiple times and have invaluable knowledge of what an efficient working process is. Avoiding easy-to-fall-in pitfalls of the process, all the while making the most of the resources and the knowledge of the people assigned to the product.

In addition, many times the experts that carry out the managed service hire highly experienced personnel to take care of the assignments. This allows for maximum optimization of the process in terms.

What type of software development outsourcing should I choose?

If you are still not convinced that Managed Services is a strong advantage for your project and overall your business there are certain aspects that are undeniably valuable.

1. Predictable monthly costs

The financial investment that goes into developing a software project, either for sale or for personal use through customization, is more than demanding.

Some of the routine costs are: hiring competent software developers, quality assurance analysts, designers as needed (UI/UX, Graphic design, Web etc), establishing a team structure, culture and rules as well as handling any and all HR requirements from a managerial standpoint. The operative staff that assists the process. Not to mention equipment and licenses that are expensive but a necessity.

Those seem to be the predictable costs, but the development can be unpredictable. Bugs and oversights in the planning can send your project back months, demanding more and more of an investment to correct any issues. In addition, unless the personnel is competent and experienced it is possible to start the development in a way that is not sustainable or is not cost-efficient.

Taking the managed services approach solves your issues. Additionally, equipment costs are covered by the company, the internal processes are already set in place and you not only work with professionals that deliver high-quality prod

2. Reduced business risks

The development may demand taking risks with the choices that are made during the process. And betting on Managed services guarantees that those are calculated, well-informed as well as product and cost-oriented.

Betting on experience and expertise is a winning combination that allows you to have a more reliable working process that has higher profit return prospects.

3. Greater focus on the business objectives

Hiring Managed Services gives you peace of mind that the project is going in the right direction and is being developed timely and correctly. On the other hand, this allows you to pursue your business objectives head-on taking away the distractions.

The best way to nurture efficiency is to assign the person who is the most experienced in the field with their niche work. Let the developers code, the project manager oversee the process, and direct your own attention to the work you are the most experienced with. This way you get a well-oiled machine that works on all fronts and produces results on time.

Investment vs. Payoff

Naturally taking the Managed Services does require an investment going into it. And taking this step needs to be carefully considered and coherent with your business growth and future plans.

The main question that needs to be answered is whether the Payoff is worth the initial investment. And the answer is yes, but with the right partners. The benefits are only there if you are working with a reliable team that is competent and sees eye to eye with your business goals and demands.

Do your research, plan your business’ needs and allow your business to grow with Managed Services.


Danila is a Tech-Enthusiast and part of Dreamix, a custom software development company. She has a strong passion for blogging, practical design, innovation and gadgets. With a background in mathematics and informatics, she explores the software development process from production to business management.