Introducing the Digital Service Usage Satisfaction Model

Title: What Affects Usage Satisfaction in Mobile Payments? Modelling User Generated Content to Develop the “Digital Service Usage Satisfaction Model”

Author: Arpan Kumar Kar

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Journal: Information Systems Frontiers
DOI: 10.1007/s10796-020-10045-0



Abstract: Mobile payment services have become increasingly important in daily lives in India due to multiple planned and unplanned events. The objective of this study is to identify the determinants of usage satisfaction of mobile payments which could enhance service adoption.  The “Digital Service Usage Satisfaction Model” has been proposed and validated by combining technology adoption and service science literature. First the data was extracted from Twitter based on hashtags and keywords. Then using sentiment mining and topic modelling the large volumes of text were analysed. Then network science was also used for identifying clusters among associated topics. Then, using content analysis methodology, a theoretical model was developed based on literature. Finally using multiple regression analysis, we validated the proposed model. The study establishes that cost, usefulness, trust, social influence, credibility, information privacy and responsiveness factors are more important to increase the usage satisfaction of mobile payments services. Also methodologically, this is an endeavour to validate a new approach which uses social media data for developing a inferential theoretical model. 
Keywords: Mobile payments; Digital Service Use; Service Quality; Usage satisfaction; Social Media Analytics; Big data analytics.