How to Monitor Your Social Media Staff on Instant Messengers?

First let me clear few things before we discuss on how to snoop into social media staff on the instant messengers. When it comes to monitoring your employees, various traditional practices are deployed but all those have gone obsolete and the organizations new, innovative and technological methods to keep eyes over their staffs. For this purpose, the monitoring applications are the best and ensure accuracy, incredible functionality, and prompt updates.

For monitoring employees, there are certain laws and local legislations. The states where the employees will be subjected to monitoring through apps demand the companies and organizations to seek the consent of the staff and get a written agreement where the employees will be monitored. All the state and local laws are applicable, and if any company monitors their employees without their permission, it may cause problems for the both so laws should be thoroughly followed and everything to be done should be in the legal limits.

Why is it necessary to spy your social media staff on instant messengers? Social media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, and most of the communication, interactions, correspondence and even the announcements are done using social media apps and sites. Due to growing use of social media among the masses, the companies need to take on the social media staff to dig deep and figure out what their employees are up to.


A number of monitoring apps serve the very purpose to fullest, but it becomes very hard for an employer to select a reliable, efficient and affordable monitoring app that ensures updates and accurate data without any hiccups in functionality and issues. TheOneSpy monitoring app came to the top when we conducted a research, and it’s unanimously the best and most effective monitoring app in far and wide. There are multiple attributes that make TheOneSpy a voice of every user.

What to Do to Monitor Social Media Staff on Instant Messengers?

Snooping into your staff’s activities and whereabouts in social media are really hectic, but the monitoring apps make it much easier as compared to the manual methods. Here we will be shedding light on how you can keep eyes on the staff on instant messengers, what social media messengers should be monitored, what benefits are associated with monitoring staff on social media and last but not surely the least, which monitoring app should be employed when it comes to keeping tabs on employees.

Nowadays almost every organization, company or brand has realized the significance of social media for business and promoting products. Social media is indeed a very effective and affordable platform for marketing and advertising brands. Even now the companies have started providing online chat services to their customers on social media as well. When you have a number of employees on social media, it becomes inevitable to keep eyes on the staff whether your staff is working and serving the customers or they are just busy in doing their private jobs and killing time on social media. Here are few of the instant messengers that should be monitored when you want to keep eyes on your social media staff.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Viber
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Skype


As per the current stats and facts, Facebook accommodates 1.6 billion users every week, and it has now become the most popular social media platform for marketing, advertisements and serving the customers via online chat rooms through your company’s official Facebook pages. If you are using Facebook for business, you will be having a number of employees serving the consumers through Facebook, and you should be aware of what you are employees do all the time round the clock. This will be beneficial for the business, your brand, and the employees too.


A few days ago I was searching for a clothing brand, and I happened to see one of a Facebook page where they were offering free delivery but the process asked the consumers to order their products on a given WhatsApp number. So the purpose of sharing this small story is to tell that brands use WhatsApp as well for their business and serving customers. When you have provided your social media staff with devices, accessories, and every amenity, you have a right to monitor them so that you can analyze their efforts for the business.


I have been working in a well-reputed organization, and we used to communicate with our colleagues through Skype. Every sort of communication, sending files, asking something and others as well used to be done through Skype and this is the practice carried out in a number of companies especially when their staff is handling social media. TheOneSpy app offers very reliable and perfect services when it comes to snooping into Skype of your staff. You can get all the data, conversations, calls and other details as well.

Benefits Associated with Monitoring Staff on Instant Messengers

Everything is done for some good reasons and monitoring staff on workplace, social media instant messengers is for the company benefits and increasing product sales. This is human nature that we people work better under supervision and vigilance. When the employees are aware that they are being monitored, they will not spend time in other activities, doing their personal jobs and killing time on various social media apps.

The employees start working efficiently and thus their productivity is increased. The companies can protect their private information and get to know if there happens any mishap. The workplace becomes more comfortable and conducive to the employees and risks of bullying are removed permanently.

Final Words

Investing so much in employees, paying them too much and handsome package, offering all other facilities and if your staff still lacks passion for the work you got to brace yourself and monitor the staff. It will provide all the details about the staff engagement, their social media whereabouts and will be highly helpful in protecting business and heading it towards sustainability.

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