Why Hotel Firms Must Be on Instagram To Compete Against Rivals for New Customers

Hotel companies should definitely embrace social media as part of their advertising strategy because it can attract a new audience to their website. The most popular platforms to use are Twitter and Facebook, but something that has gained a significant amount of followers in recent years is photo-sharing site Instagram. It has millions of people using it and putting up their best images with its famous filters. This amazing social media platform is ideal for hotel businesses as tourists adore sharing pictures while on holiday. Firms should create a profile because they can put up gorgeous photos of their property especially of a spa and gardens.


Instagram is perfect for smartphone users and holiday-makers will often put their pictures on there in the middle of their trip. If hotel companies can interact with them then they could potentially create a great customer relationship and a loyal visitor who will re-book. A hotel brand can be advertised well on this type of social media, so hotels should definitely create a profile. Instagram is used by all ages but is aimed at a younger audience, which is great as they are more likely to want to discover somewhere new. A reason for a firm to create a profile is that it is free to make and encourages guests to share their great holiday pictures.

There are some very simple things that companies can do to attract followers on Instagram. They can promote their destination by uploading pretty pictures of local sights in the area. This will generate interest in staying there and also give the profile some interesting photos that are not just hotel pictures. Hotel companies should also link up with other businesses on the social media site such as restaurants and cafes, where they can post pictures of eateries in the area and ask the businesses to put up images of the hotel. Another thing to do is have competitions involving taking photos so the public can engage with the Instagram profile.

A hotel social media strategy is crucial for any firm in this digital age. The normal practice about Instagram is that users can spend a long time scrolling through images, so hotel firms should regularly upload pictures. There should be a variety of photos online including some of the accommodation and nearby attractions and venues. Firms must also use hashtags to ensure the images go further than Instagram and appear on the internet through a search for a particular topic. Creating a fantastic following on this popular social media platform will happen over a certain amount of time, so hotel companies should start as soon as possible.

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