The Rise Of Mobile Wallets

Nowadays, we are witnessing many changes that were unimaginable in the past, and the introduction of smartphones is one such phenomena. It has replaced some amazing inventions we’ve seen in the past.

Moreover, mobile apps make smartphones even smarter as time goes by. Here and there, you can see smart apps like the time card app to track your work hours instead of using traditional punch-in clocks. There are also a lot more apps to help you in your practical daily life. Even if you utilize a supplement like Alpha Brain to stay organized, mobile apps will help eliminate the need to store so much information in your memory.


Sooner or later, you won’t be surprised to realize that almost everything you do every day can be done through the use of your smartphone.You can arrange for lawn sprinkler system repair, buy shoes, or book a trip.  If it’s now possible to purchase online, it is also possible to use the same device to purchase offline.

So far, many people still depend on their traditional wallet in their pocket to pay for goods and services offline. They are still comfortable with their debit and credit cards to pay for their purchases, and are still loyal to the old ways of carrying their coins and paper money. Nevertheless, more and more people are trying some new ways to make payments.

Here Comes the Mobile Wallet

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Have you ever heard of mobile wallet? Even if you have been using a smartphone for quite some time, you may not have a clue how this concept works in reality. Mobile wallets are not something new as it’s already in existence, but now it’s getting popular as technology expands.

Many people who worry about payment security can now turn to mobile wallets. This is because mobile wallets are designed to conceal important details such as credit and debit card numbers. They are also very convenient as you don’t have to bring all your plastic cards in your leather wallet just to make payments.

How Does Mobile Wallet Work?

The mobile wallet works like a traditional wallet in which you can put all your credit cards or debit cards in one place. However, instead of literally putting the cards to an actual place, you are putting all their functions in just one system, which includes a smartphone and its corresponding mobile wallet app.

Nowadays, there are mobile wallet vendors offering this service such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. What you have to do is to register your credit card and debit card with any of the above vendors. On your smartphone, each vendor will ask you to install its mobile wallet app.


If you have registered, you can now use your smartphone to make payments in certain restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and other offline establishments. You can also use it to make payments online for a variety of online stores.

Benefits of Mobile Wallet

The idea behind mobile wallet is to make a secure and convenient payment method. When you use your traditional cards to pay for something, you will have to reveal the card numbers. But when you pay using mobile wallet, your credit card or debit card numbers will not be shown.

On the other hand, it’s more convenient as you don’t need to sign anything in a traditional sense whenever you pay. This new method uses biometrics, and with the use of your fingerprint, you’re good to go. The process also uses dual authentication using a random time sensitive code in order to protect your account in case you lose your smartphone.


The mobile wallet is slowly becoming popular; however, there are still many things to consider such as availability, compatibility, and integration. Nonetheless, in the coming years, it will certainly be the next big product that affects the tech industry.