Six Ways to Personalized your iPhone

Six Ways to Personalized your iPhone

The iPhone is without a doubt the most popular type of smartphone on the market today. Apple makes billions of dollars a year from sales, and they always seem to be coming out with a new model on a yearly basis. Though iPhones are popular, they do not vary much in aesthetics, and certainly not in how they operate per the iOS mobile software. So, for a lot of people who own iPhones, they get a little tired of that stale phone that looks just like every other iPhone people carry. Well, you don’t have to carry a phone that’s just like every other phone in the crowd. Here are six cool and easy ways to personalize your iPhone.

1: Go Beyond an Aftermarket Case

Custom iPhone cases are one of the best ways to really personalize your phone and truly make it yours. Of course, there are countless types of aftermarket cases you can get, and a lot of different novelty varieties you can purchase. The odds are good that if you go with just some aftermarket design you like, your phone is going to stand out and be very unique to you. However, a way to ensure that your phone is truly personalized is to get one that you customize with your name, your brand logo, etc.

2: Customize Your Home Screen

Your iPhone’s home screen can be customized in so many different ways. You can move apps into different folders, you can add and take away basically anything you want, and you can rearrange items for better accessibility when you swipe. This doesn’t do anything for the outside appearance of your phone, of course, but it does give you a whole new custom look and feel when using it.

3: Add Accessories

Who said that your iPhone has to just be a phone? A great way to truly personalize your phone is to make it a piece of your entertainment setup. You can get Bluetooth speakers, apps to help you cast streaming media to your television, etc, and you can really turn your iPhone into something special. Your phone can easily reach past just being a phone, and you can personalize it at the center of your media.

4: Get New Widgets

Widgets became very popular with online blogging, and they are even more popular now with phone apps. Essentially, a widget for your iPhone is something like a calendar, or a notepad, or a way to keep memos and reminders. Something in that vein; and, as you can imagine, the sky is the limit here when it comes to personalized widgets you can use with your iPhone.

5: A Unique Wallpaper

Many believe that the iPhone is the best phone on the market by far, and part of that is being able to customize it in so many ways. Getting a unique wallpaper (or skin) is a very simplistic way to personalize your phone. It seems too easy if you know about this, but millions of iPhone users have no idea that they can set their personal photos, their logos, etc, as iPhone wallpapers for the home screen. It’s one of the fastest ways to personalize.

6: New Ringtones and Alerts

Another thing that you can do to personalize your iPhone is to set new ringtones and alerts. Every single notification beep you get is going to sound exactly the same unless you search through your phone and change them. Or, of course, you can download new tones to use. This also goes for calls you receive. This isn’t anything new; custom ringtones have been around for quite a while. Though with your iPhone, these custom ringtones are much easier to download and use. It will only take you a matter of minutes to completely personalize every sound that your iPhone makes, and it’s also easy to change around if you’re not satisfied.

In Conclusion

There are so many different personalized options you can choose for your iPhone, both aesthetically with how the phone looks and functionally with how it operates. Just give it some thought and go with something that truly makes your phone personal to your tastes.