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Trial 4 – SCIgen – An Automatic Paper Generator

We wanted to explore how the MIT project SCI gen creates articles and research papers by taking only a single input from the user, namely the Name. It is indeed interesting that the output is subsequently an interesting research article, which apparently looks like a research article for the lesser mortals, though makes very less sense. In the next step, we wanted to spin this article and check if this is plagiarism proof. We are sharing the results in the subsequent sections the outcome of our experimentation. Continue reading “Trial 4 – SCIgen – An Automatic Paper Generator”

Object Oriented Language and Hardware Configurations

1 Introduction:  Sensor systems and Moore’s Law, while critical in principle, have not as of not long ago been viewed as organized. Given the present status of stable symmetries, steganographers shockingly crave the change of compose back reserves, which typifies the confounding standards of manmade brainpower. Here, we confirm the advancement of superblocks, which epitomizes the critical standards of cryptoanalysis. The organization of RAID would significantly enhance various leveled databases. Continue reading “Object Oriented Language and Hardware Configurations”

Software Development and Hardware

1 Introduction:  Sensor frameworks and Moore’s Law, while basic on a fundamental level, have not starting not very far in the past been seen as sorted out. Given the present status of stable symmetries, steganographers shockingly long for the change of form back stores, which exemplifies the perplexing principles of artificial mental aptitude. Here, we affirm the headway of superblocks, which typifies the basic principles of cryptoanalysis. The association of RAID would altogether upgrade different leveled databases. Continue reading “Software Development and Hardware”