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5 amazing destinations to visit in 2017

Music, sports, tourist walks and just goofing around…2017 promises to be a cracking year for international travel – and we’ve got the goods on the five destinations you MUST check out this year.

If you’ve been catching up on the many, many posts on social media sites by travel writers who proclaim that they quit their jobs to travel the world, we’re sure you’re thinking, “Who does that?”

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M&As of Major Banks – A History

The financial economy of the world is heavily dependent on the health of the banking system. No other industry has probably that much of an impact directly to the welfare of a nation. In this infographic, we highlight the nature of mergers and acquisitions which have happened for some of the biggest names in the banking industry, namely Citi group, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Continue reading “M&As of Major Banks – A History”

Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

As with many psychological conditions there are symptoms that can be associated with PTSD. Whilst these symptoms are likely to vary from patient to patient we can make generalized points about what kinds of symptoms are typical.  Post traumatic stress disorder is so named because it results from a traumatic event. The nature of this event can be varied, bereavement, losing a job or suffering a physical trauma. In fact, as many as 30% of those who suffer traumatic events go on to express some of the symptoms of PTSD.

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Apps that Should Help You Get Productive

Smartphones / Tablets are wonderful pieces of gadgetry. They were able to make things, personal or business, much mobile than they were ever were. The ability to bring over almost anywhere your data is a double-edged sword too. There are apps that are much more distracting than you’d really want them to be, like Facebook apps and other social networking sites. The ones that are listed below are the ones you should download and install, if business is what you want.

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What is Super-duplex

The petrochemical industry is obviously a high pressure industry, full of challenges and governed by all sorts of safety legislation. There are various nuances and aspects to the industry, however the bottom line is that the efficiency of the industry is forever bound to the need for safe systems and the correct, high performance equipment. The equipment used in the industry bears the weight of health and safety, in some aspects. One of the major factors affecting the quality equipment is the materials used in their construction. One of the most high performing materials used in modern industry is super duplex steel. Continue reading “What is Super-duplex”

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