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3796 Researchers from India in Top 2% Researchers List of Elsevier in 2022 based on single year

3796 Researchers from India are in the list of Top 2% of researchers across the world, which has 79,48,526. This is a percentage of 0.48% from the top 2% list. Kudos to all Indians in this list of 3796 researchers who are contributing very heavily to the growth of the academic reputation of Indian academia and research.

Details in Ioannidis, John P.A. (2022), “September 2022 data-update for “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators””, Mendeley Data.

Link to dataset https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/4

The below list released in September 2022 is based on the citation impact of a single year of the authors, with publications starting from 1788.

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Indian Researchers who are in Top 2% in their fields – Stanford Study

In recent times, a Stanford University study had published the names of researchers who are in the top 2% in their field. In this study, researchers across discipline have been classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields. We have further segregated the authors based on their affiliation to Indian Universities. The complete study is downloadable from Plos Biology Continue reading “Indian Researchers who are in Top 2% in their fields – Stanford Study”

Double Century of Citations – Review on AI/ML Algorithms

The first double century is always special. This is a review article I developed in 2014 after I joined IITD and it got finally published in Expert Systems with Applications (Impact Factor >4, ABS Rank 3) journal in 2016. This article I developed while developing content for my analytics course so that I could explain extremely complex somewhat popular/emerging AI/ML algorithms in the simplest of ways, and non-mathematically to my students. Thankful for all the support.

Link to article: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S095741741630183X

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5 amazing destinations to visit in 2017

Music, sports, tourist walks and just goofing around…2017 promises to be a cracking year for international travel – and we’ve got the goods on the five destinations you MUST check out this year.

If you’ve been catching up on the many, many posts on social media sites by travel writers who proclaim that they quit their jobs to travel the world, we’re sure you’re thinking, “Who does that?”

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M&As of Major Banks – A History

The financial economy of the world is heavily dependent on the health of the banking system. No other industry has probably that much of an impact directly to the welfare of a nation. In this infographic, we highlight the nature of mergers and acquisitions which have happened for some of the biggest names in the banking industry, namely Citi group, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Continue reading “M&As of Major Banks – A History”