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Let In the Good, Keep Out the Bad: A Guide to Customer Screening

Let In the Good, Keep Out the Bad: A Guide to Customer Screening

The most straightforward way to prevent financial criminals from using your bank as a vessel for conducting their illegal activities is to prevent them from accessing your products and services in the first place. This is why many financial institutions choose to work with anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime and compliance (FCC) solutions that make use of exemplary know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) programs. By conducting a stringent customer screening process prior to onboarding, your bank is able to reduce the cost of compliance and accurately appraise the level of risk that each new customer brings into your bank.

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Why Your Organization Should Comply with PCI DSS

A cardholder’s worst nightmare is finding out that their credit card information is being used without their consent.This not only results in personal financial loss, but also in loss of confidence in the card market. For vendors, the negative upshot is not only losing existing customers, but it can affect future business as well. This is because prospective customers may not trust vendors who have had people’s financial information compromised.It goes without saying that credit card data breach also exposes merchants to legal liability. Continue reading “Why Your Organization Should Comply with PCI DSS”

Acquiring 10 licenses / registrations ensures that the business is legal

Many small business owners are unaware of the license procedures that are required for operating their business. The license for a business depends on various factors like the type of the business, the regulations, and policies imposed by the government and the area in which they are planning to start the business. The license is a legal permit given by the local government to the company that indicates that it runs an authorized business and it is not only applicable to the new business, but even an existing company has to renew their application after a particular period. There are some businesses that require more than one license to operate their business legally in that state which is time-consuming and expensive, even though it is a tedious and frustrating process, obtaining all the legal documents and certificates enables the business to operate without any issues. Because if a company is found in non-compliance, they have to pay penalties and they are chances even for permanent closure of the business. Continue reading “Acquiring 10 licenses / registrations ensures that the business is legal”