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A simple guide to trading in the Forex market

A simple guide to trading in the Forex market

So, you want to trade in the Forex market? Maybe you already do and just don’t know it. Most people think forex trading in UAE is a get-rich-quick scheme. Still, it’s a regulated way to profit by speculating on short-term price movements of currencies based on economic events, political decisions or even pure speculation. Whatever your reason for wanting to trade, there are some things you should know before starting.

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Let In the Good, Keep Out the Bad: A Guide to Customer Screening

Let In the Good, Keep Out the Bad: A Guide to Customer Screening

The most straightforward way to prevent financial criminals from using your bank as a vessel for conducting their illegal activities is to prevent them from accessing your products and services in the first place. This is why many financial institutions choose to work with anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime and compliance (FCC) solutions that make use of exemplary know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) programs. By conducting a stringent customer screening process prior to onboarding, your bank is able to reduce the cost of compliance and accurately appraise the level of risk that each new customer brings into your bank.

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What Are the Best Hedging Strategies for Forex Success?

What Are the Best Hedging Strategies for Forex Success?

At first glance, forex trading can be a hard and challenging skill to master. This is borne out by the numbers, which show that as many as 70% of forex traders lose money over time.

However, while succeeding as a forex trader can be hard, the 30% of investors who are profitable can achieve highly lucrative margins if they deploy the best and most agile trading strategies.

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Gross Profit Margin and Markup

Gross Profit Margin and Markup

Business development needs proper attention, skill, hard work, and professionalism. The progress of business requires time as well as money. Finance is one of the essential components of any business and startups. If the finances are not managed properly, then it can eventually cause declining in the industry. The big companies hire a team of professional persons, who keep a check on the monetary affairs, the sales, the profits, etc. any business or company aims to increase sales and profits by gathering more customers. For which, they need to be very cautious and focus on the investment.

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Is It Enough to Have a Group Health Insurance or Should You Buy an Individual Health Insurance?

Standing where we currently are both economically and sociologically, it is perhaps a little redundant to talk about the benefits that health insurance policies can bring for an individual. By now, most of us know why we should have a comprehensive healthcare policy in place.

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ULIP Or SIP – Which is The Better Investment Option in India

All of us do not understand the importance of investments unless someone explains it to us why it is essential. Young professionals mostly spend most of what they earn, and save absolutely nothing. This is what most parents nag about every month, if their child makes and keeps nothing.

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Here’s Why You Should Accept Credit Cards in Your Small Business

Thanks to mobile card reader technology, it’s easier and cheaper than ever before for small business owners to accept credit card payments. If your small business doesn’t take credit cards, it’s time to change. Why?

Simple — it’s because accepting cards can be the best thing you’ve ever done to grow your business. You’ll attract more customers, make more sales, improve your cash flow, shore up security, slash expenses and more. Here’s why your small business needs to start accepting credit cards, sooner rather than later. Continue reading “Here’s Why You Should Accept Credit Cards in Your Small Business”

Know the Working of Your Liquid Funds

Liquidity is an important aspect of one’s personal finances. Is bank savings account the best way to maintain liquidity? No, there are better ways of managing liquidity. We can here mention about liquid funds.

Liquid Fund is a kind of mutual funds which invest your money in money market instruments such as a certificate of deposits, commercial paper, and Treasury bills, with a residual maturity of up to 91 days. Continue reading “Know the Working of Your Liquid Funds”

What is SIP – All about SIP and SIP Calculator

With growing awareness about Mutual Funds, What is SIP is a very common question asked by those who are new to mutual funds. Simply speaking, SIP is a method of investing a fixed amount, regularly – weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually in a mutual fund scheme. SIP allows you to buy the units of your chosen scheme on a date/s chosen by you. You can invest a fixed amount in a chosen scheme every week, month or quarter, depending on your convenience through ECS (auto-debit from your bank account) facility or through post-dated cheques. Continue reading “What is SIP – All about SIP and SIP Calculator”

Make your Money work in your Interest

Recently SBI slashed interest rates and introduced a two-tier interest system for savings accounts, whereby savings accounts with less than 1 crore deposits will incur just 3.5% (this is a drop from 4%, which is the continued rate for deposits over 1 crore) The reason given behind the change was that, a decline in Inflation must be met with a corresponding decline in the savings rate. Continue reading “Make your Money work in your Interest”