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Differences between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud computing refers to the use of shared computing resources that are available to the public over the internet. In the public model cloud infrastructure is owned and managed by a third-party provider, who is responsible for maintaining and securing the infrastructure. On the other hand, private cloud computing refers to the use of a dedicated cloud infrastructure that is owned and managed by a single organization. This model provides more control and security, as the organization has sole access to the infrastructure and can customize it to meet their needs. Ultimately, the choice between public and private cloud computing will depend on factors such as the organization’s budget, security requirements, and the nature of the workload being hosted. If you are interested in learning more about the differences between each model check out the infographic below.

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Palo Alto Networks Concerns About Cloud Data Security

Palo Alto Networks Concerns About Cloud Data Security

Some time ago, the news that AWS S3 storage security problem led to the disclosure of sensitive information of hundreds of millions of American families caused people’s panic about the security of public cloud data. The survey shows that AWS itself does not have security, which is caused by the user’s wrong configuration, that is, the user actually made the data public by themselves.

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How Cloud Computing is Shaping E-commerce

The past years have been marked by significant data security breaches, highlighting the continuing need for secure and reliable systems. As commerce continues to be more digital and more social, businesses of all sizes are trying to put their businesses online quickly, easily, securely and at a low cost. Many opt for more agile and streamlined cloud platforms. Thus, we will inform you about the latest developments in Cloud Computing in the areas of E-commerce and Retail through our series of studies ‘CloudCommerce’. Today  we are updating ourselves on the significant impacts of the cloud on e-commerce. Continue reading “How Cloud Computing is Shaping E-commerce”

Understanding the Top 3 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS) for Small Businesses

Until very recently, investing in an IT solution to support business operations meant spending thousands – sometimes even millions – on infrastructure, software, implementation, and other cost elements. Today, transforming into a digitalized business is easier than ever thanks to solutions being offered as services. Continue reading “Understanding the Top 3 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS) for Small Businesses”

Innovation of Cloud Technology and Usage in Education

With all its features and benefits, cloud technology has become very popular in the very short time it has been introduced to the people. Even though it is still in phases of development and better means of using it are being worked out by researchers, yet it has proved to be very useful for people belonging to all sections of life especially education and computing. It is fast becoming an adoptable technology for many organizations and institutes as it offers dynamic scalability and usage of virtualized resources as a service that can be easy used with help of the Internet. It has also showed a very effective mark on the academic sector where the budgets are limited but they need the right information system without going over the board and updating their computer and network devices. Continue reading “Innovation of Cloud Technology and Usage in Education”

How to Keep Data Locked Down: Everyday Tips for Everyday Users

Despite best efforts, it’s very likely that you have personal information on your computer you would rather not have found online or in the hands of a mischievous individual. It’s inevitable that you’ll end up saving documents that have information such as your finances or even as simple as a personal journal that’s meant to be private.

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Organizing the Cloud Environment with Business Analytics

For a long time, cloud business intelligence was principally the space of startup sellers offering Software as a Service (SaaS) BI devices as different options for the standard on-premises programming sold by the BI market pioneers. However, cloud BI is turning out to be more normal as expanding quantities of corporate clients grasp the cloud computing and SaaS models as a component of their business intelligence strategies. Continue reading “Organizing the Cloud Environment with Business Analytics”

Top 12 Benefits of Cloud Computing Systems

Cloud computing is changing the way people at envisioning the role of information technology to help businesses grow beyond the regular business as usual and sustaining usual margins and profitability. Indeed today companies are increasingly looking at Cloud Computing as a paradigm that’s solve all there software related challenges and computational strategies. so what do you think are the top 10 benefits of cloud computing that CIOs the world envision the systems to provide an organisation. In this article with deliberate about this dimensions which will provide some benefit to the organisations adopting cloud systems. Continue reading “Top 12 Benefits of Cloud Computing Systems”