5 Steps to Start SEO Business from Scratch

Digital marketing, which includes search engine optimization (SEO), is a trending business and it’s foreseen as the next big thing this year. And why not. Everybody is embracing digital technology. E-commerce and even companies that started as a physical store are trying to build and establish a web presence. The Internet plays a major role in information dissemination and business transactions today, so everyone wants to rank a good spot online and become visible through SEO.

SEO business promises a bright future for brave business owners and investors. If you want to be an SEO agency owner, you have to continue reading and determine how to start an SEO business from scratch. Let’s get started!

  1. Create Your SEO Business Brand

When you’re in the field of SEO, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to cover the entire world. You’ll find a lot of online resources, such as webmarketing123.com, to help you make your dream a reality by starting right when it comes to creating a great SEO brand. While you want to have many customers right away, expand, and become a great SEO agency, it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to take it one step at a time. Start to make your dream a reality by creating your SEO brand. Here’s how:

● Pick a niche. It allows you to focus your lead generation and marketing efforts for a successful SEO consulting agency. Choose a field in which you’re an expert at (e.g., health and wellness, finance, law, hospitality, and home improvement).

● Select a specific geographical area. Starting your SEO business in your own local area will help you get clients easily because you and your clients have something in common. Because you are within the same area, you can talk to your potential clients in person, which is a huge advantage for your SEO business.

● Specify your services. You can offer SEO writing services and SEO marketing at the same time. SEO needs are recurring because businesses always need to update their SEO content and strategies, so you need to establish a contract. Also, local SEO is an excellent campaign to start a business. For instance, if you are a web designer, you can initially offer local SEO.

2. Develop Your SEO Brand

Once you already created your SEO brand, it’s about time to develop and establish your reputation as a company. You want website owners to know that your SEO company is existing and you want them to become your clients. Here’s how you can develop your SEO brand:

● Choose a unique SEO agency name to rank high for branded searches.

● Create an SEO brand logo by hiring an excellent designer to represent the quality of service your SEO agency provides.

● Creating a catchy tagline is a good idea to highlight the benefits of your SEO services and to make clients remember your brand.

3. Build and Establish Your Digital Presence

It’s time to use different digital tools and platforms to promote your SEO business. Potential clients or your prospects need to feel your digital presence to establish credibility. Here’s how:

● Acquire a domain and hosting. There are many trusted and reliable names when it comes to website hosting and domain names such as Bluehost.

● Design your SEO website. Hire a designer that will make your website stand out among the many SEO companies in your area, so you can convince local businesses that you’re agency is top-notch.

● Set up your SEO business on Google My Business. You’ll need a physical address or use your home address if you don’t have one yet. Google My Business is one of the most popular platforms to leave reviews. It helps you in monitoring the reputation of your brand.

● Set up your SEO agency on LinkedIn and Facebook to support your social marketing strategies later and to provide additional exposure for your business.

● Create informative content to educate people about the benefits of SEO services and also to showcase your SEO expertise.

4. Polish Legal Matters

Aside from your SEO agency’s digital presence, you also need to ensure that all legal matters of your business are taken care of. Choose between LLC and sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship means that your SEO business is a single entity so you’re liable for damages. Filing of profits and losses are done on your tax return, which is a risky route. If you decide to operate as LLC (assuming your business is in the United States), you need to submit an income report to IRS and pay appropriate taxes.

5. Check All Aspects of Your Business Operations

Make sure that all the requirements for your business operations are filed, submitted, and resolved. You want to ensure that your SEO business is 100% legitimate to attract more clients. Here’s how:

● Create a simple invoice template and flexible payment terms. This will ensure a smoother business transaction. PayPal is one of the fastest and easiest payment methods. Look for a merchant service provider that will work best for your SEO business so that you can process credit card payments.

● Create a contract. This is crucial in establishing a long-term business relationship. The contract should be concise, clear, and easy to understand. Ask a lawyer to ensure all terms and conditions are relatively reasonable for all parties.


Now, you’re ready to start your SEO business from scratch. Like any other business, it takes time, effort, and money to ensure that all the requirements are met. Nevertheless, once you have established your business, the results are gratifying. Local businesses will entrust their web content and SEO ranking in your hands. Eventually, you can expand your business and penetrate the international market with enough knowledge, skills, and experience. Good luck with your SEO business!


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