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Understanding the Career of a Digital Marketeer

The realm of Digital Marketing is a vastly evolving one for brands in India. Its biggest strength is in its potential to reach out to customers to engage with a brand whenever and wherever they choose. For this, marketers need to define a strategy that drives them towards achieving what they want from their audience and that which links to their traditional marketing. Businesses have a lot to lose if they do not embrace the Digital Marketing realm at a time when more Indians are moving to ‘click the mouse’. Continue reading “Understanding the Career of a Digital Marketeer”


What is Business Analytics and why the hype

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for the exploration and investigation of existing data assets to gain insight and drive business planning. It focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data, predictive analytical models, data mining models, intelligent tools and statistical methods. Business Analytics is used for strategic, operational and tactical decision making across industry verticals such as banking, financial services, telecom, manufacturing and retail. Continue reading “What is Business Analytics and why the hype”

Get That Promotion At Work With These Simple Steps

Most people are not excited by the prospect of a stagnant career. In fact, most of us enter the work force wide-eyed and excited about all the great things ahead we have yet to accomplish, but with little idea on how to get there. Getting a promotion is an important part of professional growth. It requires hard work, positive attitude, ambition and the right corporate ties. There are some steps you can take to forge relationships, show a desire for success and make promotion more likely. Continue reading “Get That Promotion At Work With These Simple Steps”

Working from Home – Career tips

There are all sorts of reasons why home-working is on the rise: there are more self-employed people than ever, it’s generally better for the environment and connectivity is now very sophisticated and effective. Sometimes working from home might simply be the best solution for your business, perhaps you simply can’t afford to hire out dedicated office space. Whilst working from home is now a very mainstream mode of working it can still be challenging making the change from commuting to work every-day to simply walking to your home office. Continue reading “Working from Home – Career tips”