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DSS on website selection for internet advertising

We are happy to share with our readers that a brief interview was conducted on the editor of Tech-Talk. We share the details of the queries shared in the discussion in this article. Continue reading “DSS on website selection for internet advertising”

Why businesses need an integrated digital marketing services

One of the thoughts to ponder is in this digital era, when so many companies are jumping the bandwagon for having a presence on the web, why specifically do businesses need an integrated digital marketing services for making their presence felt over the web. Is it something that cannot be done in-house? Continue reading “Why businesses need an integrated digital marketing services”

#Technology #Joke on Metaheuristics

Good deed of the day! In a panel discussion, I mentioned high end analytics (metaheuristics etc) are based on the principles of LSD (Love, Sex and Dhoka).. The audience, the panelists, a group of guys with PhDs, all objected to this oversimplification. But finally I convinced the audience with the examples of bio-inspired computing…. Continue reading “#Technology #Joke on Metaheuristics”

Business Analytics Infographics

Business Analytics is changing the way the Firms do Business. With the advent of the Information era, as more and more firms gear up to digitize their products, services, processes and information assets, a critical area of concern is to understand how these information and data may be analysed so that actionable insights may be taken by the firm. Continue reading “Business Analytics Infographics”

Semantic Analytics for Cyberinformatics

Semantic analysis is increasingly becoming important in CyberInformatics. Brought together by marrying data analytics and forensic science, steady time hypothesis in this domain have prompted numerous heartbreaking advances, including SCSI circles and DNS. The idea that information specialists conspire with consistent time hypothesis is completely resolvedly contradicted. The thought that mathematicians participate with forensic specialists with scrambled procedures is by and large viewed as noteworthy. The change of various leveled databases would colossally open up omniscient epistemologies through Semantic Analytics. Continue reading “Semantic Analytics for Cyberinformatics”

How to set up an E-Restaurant – A Case Study

In the current era, the business which is growing tremendously is the food chain restaurants with its peak demands, it highly necessary for any restaurant to promote itself as the best place to dine. To reach to a wider audience, the only way feasible would be by providing the details of the restaurant via website. Keeping this in view, the primary objective of our website for the restaurant ‘Khao Jiyo’ is to act as a one stop place which provides insights on the restaurant highlighting it as the best place for premium consumers to dine.   Continue reading “How to set up an E-Restaurant – A Case Study”

Big Data Infographics Images

Big Data refers to the huge volume of both structured and unstructured data that is being generated around the world and holds humongous information. It is predicted that the total data store might rise to 40 zettabytes by the year 2020.So important is this data that participants in the 2012 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, declared it a new class of economic asset. Big Data Analytics refers to the technique of computing this data to uncover patterns and new perspectives that can help businesses take decisions that will have a huge impact in the future .Organizations now need an analytic platform with higher capacity infrastructure at lower costs. Continue reading “Big Data Infographics Images”

E-Commerce Analytics – The Digital Enablement Strategy

In days to come, e-commerce is gradually engulfing traditional commerce. We witness more and more traditional commerce being engulfed or moving towards digital enablement. This brings in a new set of desired skills for practitioners and job seekers. So is this really a jump into the frying pan? Continue reading “E-Commerce Analytics – The Digital Enablement Strategy”

What is Business Analytics and why the hype

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for the exploration and investigation of existing data assets to gain insight and drive business planning. It focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data, predictive analytical models, data mining models, intelligent tools and statistical methods. Business Analytics is used for strategic, operational and tactical decision making across industry verticals such as banking, financial services, telecom, manufacturing and retail. Continue reading “What is Business Analytics and why the hype”