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Last Week with John Oliver: Televangelists (HBO)

John Oliver has enlightened and amused many of us on his show. Now he has taken upon himself to become the prosperity gospel on television.  How will this be taken by the US law, when preachers on TV turns a fight of gloves through digital media? Let us know. Continue reading “Last Week with John Oliver: Televangelists (HBO)”


Internet TV – The future of Streaming Television

Internet Television is gradually gaining in importance as a service in this web enabled era.  Simply speaking it is the digital distribution of television content which is streamed over the Internet. Internet TV or Streaming TV is a general term that covers the delivery of television shows, channels, news, sports, entertainment and other video content over the Internet by video streaming technology, typically by major traditional television broadcasters. This is a new format of content delivery as opposed to traditional systems like terrestrial, cable and satellite, although internet itself is received by terrestrial, cable or satellite methods. Continue reading “Internet TV – The future of Streaming Television”